The establishment of the state air quality monitoring system in Russia will be postponed for a year.


In Russia, the creation of a state air quality monitoring system is postponed for a year. This was reported by the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova during a round table "Clean air of cities 2030: myth or reality?", RBC correspondent reports.

"The system of state environmental monitoring was supposed to work this year. First of all, it is the state information system of atmospheric air control, which was to start its implementation this year. But we didn't start it this year, and the other day this money was taken to the reserve fund in the budget. <...>. We believe that we have prepared regulatory documents for this purpose, but this did not happen: the supplier was not selected, the technical task was not implemented. It means that we have received the drawback for another year," Radionova said.

According to her, one more problem for achieving the targets set in the Clean Air project is the amount of fines for companies for environmental damage.

"In recent years we have been seriously reducing administrative barriers for the benefit of business. For two years we have never corrected environmental fines: they are the smallest in the country and do not induce anything," the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection noted.

According to her, Russia also lacks an effective method for assessing damage to the atmosphere. "Inventory by the calculation method does not give anything: we do not take measurements. According to the computational method, everything is very good, but breathing never got better," Radionova explained.

Rostekh claims the status of the only Russian contractor to create and operate the state air quality monitoring system in the Clean Air project. Sergey Chemezov, the head of the State Corporation, addressed Vladimir Putin with a corresponding request. In January, the President put a resolution "I agree" on Chemezov's letter and instructed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishstin to prepare an order on the appointment of "Rostekh" as the executor of the project, two federal officials told RBC.

The unified monitoring system will provide authorities, organizations and population with information about the state of the atmospheric air and its forecast, as well as "assessment of the harmful impact of environmental factors on people", Chemezov said in his letter. Now the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources is responsible for the system creation and operation, as the Ministry of Natural Resources reported late last year. Information for the system as part of the experiment in 12 industrial cities, in addition to Rosgidromet, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosreestr and regional executive authorities should provide information.

The Clean Air project is part of the National Ecology Project. According to the project, in 2019-2024 the total amount of emissions into the atmosphere in 12 large industrial centers of Russia should be reduced by 20%. It is planned to spend over 480 billion rubles for this purpose, including a little over 100 billion rubles from the budget.

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