Commissioning and service

Our engineers carry out commissioning and service maintenance in compliance with the regulatory documentation for each system, adhering to the project documentation and engineering approach to each project.

The quality control department calibrates and tunes the equipment, and then the service department conducts the commissioning of the systems. Upon delivery to the customer, all equipment works without failures, in the proper mode.

The service department solves the problem of ensuring stable and reliable operation of all types of analytical equipment in industrial production, as well as performing commissioning. For this purpose, the following range of works and services is carried out:

  • warranty service,
  • periodic and unscheduled maintenance,
  • supply of spare parts,
  • repair of equipment.

We propose to conclude an Agreement for the provision of services for the repair of equipment that has expired under warranty.

In a short time, we will provide spare parts and eliminate malfunctions by our engineers at the Customer's sites.

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