Metrological service

Initial and periodic verification, calibration. Metrological supervision. Conducting a metrological audit. Supply of PGS-mixtures. Related equipment.

The metrological service carries out work to ensure the uniformity and required accuracy of measurements, improve the complex solution of problems (design, equipment, commissioning).

  • Carrying out primary and periodic verification of measuring instruments with the issuance of a verification certificate. Received a certificate of accreditation in metrology
  • Development and implementation of regulatory documents in the field of measuring the flow rate of natural gas, liquid, gas condensate, gases of gas condensate fields and products of their processing
  • Organization and verification of measuring instruments, measuring units, measuring channels of aggregate automation equipment of compressor stations and APCS
  • Development of methods for measuring flow parameters, flow rate, mass and volume of gas, liquids and gas condensates used in the field of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements
  • Development of projects of measurement units and sections of metrological support of projects
  • Organization and implementation of research, development, design and implementation work in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements
  • Metrological supervision
  • Metrological audit

Supply of gas mixtures from leading domestic manufacturers


Accessory production

Production of related equipment that is used in adverse weather conditions:

  • visors
  • pipe fasteners
  • nameplates
  • tube
  • calibration tips
  • other products

All these accessories will help to increase the life of the equipment and to identify it at the Customer' s facilities.

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