Installation and assembly of systems

The company carries out installation and assembly of systems in compliance with all necessary regulatory documentation and using an automated assembly system at the production site.

Assembling systems

Our company produces:

  • automated gas detection systems,
  • sampling systems,
  • systems for environmental monitoring of emissions.

The assembly shop carries out a full cycle of assembling systems. The company has introduced a technology control system and standardization of assembly processes. The assembly shop and production are located in the Moscow region and occupies about 2500 sq. m. production area.

In addition to analytical systems, the company has launched the release of:

  • single door cabinets;
  • two-door wardrobes;
  • three-door wardrobes;
  • block containers;
  • cabinets for placing cylinders with PGS-mixtures and reduction stations;
  • calibration equipment;
  • auxiliary equipment for appliances installed outdoors.

The equipment produced has certificates and permits.

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