FXi-2 Series 5 In-Line Gas Chromatograph

FXi-2 Series 5 In-Line Gas Chromatograph

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A chromatograph is a stationary industrial device that includes a control station (industrial computer), electronic control units, a gas flow control unit (secondary sample preparation system), a sample dosing device and an analytical unit, consisting of a thermostat unit with detectors (up to two detectors) and chromatographic columns (up to eight columns).

The configuration of the complex (the type and number of detectors and chromatographic columns used) depends on the nomenclature of the determined components.

The LAMS software installed
on the built-in computer is used to configure and diagnose the operation of the chromatograph .

The monitor screen can display chromatograms in real time, save chromatograms, view current and archived results of measurements of the content of components, view and edit the parameters of the chromatograph.



  • Measured parameters: component composition
  • Sample type: gases, liquefied gases, liquids up to C9
  • Detector type: thermal conductivity detector (TCD), flame ionization (FID), flame photometric (FPD), helium ionization (DIG)
  • Measuring ranges:
  • 0-1 / 10/100% all detectors
  • 0/10/100/1000 ppm & ndash PID, PFD, DIG
  • Accuracy: RTP ± 2% of span PID ± 1% of span
  • Measurement cycle time: 2-10 min typical
  • Listed in the State Register of SI RF No. 39413-08


  • Explosion protection: 1Expxd [ib] IIB + H2 T36bX Certificate of Conformity No. TS RU C-US.GB04.V.00283
  • Sample temperature: 0 & hellip 120 ° C
  • Sample pressure and flow rate: 35-2400 kPa, 20 & hellip 200 ml / min
  • Signal outputs: 4-20 mA
  • Power supply: ~ 220/240 V, 50 Hz, 1500 W
  • Support gases: carrier gas H2, He, N purity 99.995 (He 99.9999% for DIG), 3-4 atm, 50 ml / min, fuel gas PID, PFD - hydrogen 99.995%, 3-4 atm, 40 ml / min., PID pyrolysis gas - air 99.995%, 3-4 atm, 400 ml / min., instrumentation air 3-4 atm
  • Installation method and conditions: wall mounting
  • Management: built-in PC with Windows XP or from a remote station
  • Dimensions and weight: 770x385x1245 mm, 118 kg
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